Langstone Harbour is situated in south east Hampshire. The Langstone And District Wildfowlers And Conservation Association was formed in 1956 as a democratic co-operative of locally based working men intent upon upholding a four hundred year old tradition of sustainably harvesting wildfowl, a plentiful and naturally renewable resource.

The Association leases and manages a large acreage within the bounds of the harbour, much of which is designated as un-shot refuge areas.

Langstone Harbour is home to large numbers of wintering wildfowl and waders, and is, together with neighbouring Chichester Harbour, one of the major wintering resorts on the south coast for both quarry and non-quarry species.

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Welcome to the LADWACA site, you will find lots of useful info on the club and wildfowling here. 

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Club members at a  clay target shoot

The Ethical Carnivore - VIDEO


Louise Gray, author of 'The Ethical Carnivore' gets her first taste of wildfowling with the help of BASC and the Fenland Wildfowlers Association. Inspired by the likes of wildfowler and conservationist Sir Peter Scott Louise considers wildfowling to be a 'noble pursuit'.

She records her trip with a diary camera and talks about how she feels about her experience on the marsh.​


Is it time to take an eco-friendly shot at wildfowling?


Following on from 'The Ethical Carnivore' there has been a professionally written article on wildfowling published in a very well respected newspaper, The Telegraph.


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