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The Gunning Punt Restoration Project 

Langstone Harbour has one of the longest traditions of punt gunning in the entire British Isles dating back to the 1790`s. A particularly distinctive style of punt had developed locally by the 1850`s,and, with some slight variation, is still in use today. In 2010 the club became aware that one of the last examples of a single handed punt, once used by club founder member and professional wildfowler George Atkins had reached the stage that, if some time and money was not devoted to it very soon, it would deteriorate to a point beyond recovery. 

LADWACA took the view that, as the custodian of the history of wildfowling in the harbour it behoved it to make the requisite time and money available to preserve the punt for posterity.

The punt and it`s original muzzle loading gun now form the centre piece of the clubs display stand which can regularly be seen at country fairs throughout the region.

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