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If you read the old wildfowling literature you'll be stirred with tales of monstrous 'fowling pieces. The virtues of the double eight and single four bore were extolled by many an author - their killing power was legendary, as were the old timers who toted them across the marsh.

Sadly the reality is another matter! Yes - if you are well built and a good shot, then maybe a big bore is just the thing for you. If you're Mr. Average, then stick to a 12 bore - and shoot within its range - you'll be far more successful.

Over & under - side by side - semi-automatic - pump action?
Where do you start?
Any of these guns will perform well on the foreshore, provided they suit you, and you are used to handling them!

If purchasing a gun specifically for wildfowling then go for a 3" or 3.5" magnum. This gives flexibility when using modern non-toxic shot.
Multi-chokes also add to the versatility of a weapon.

Whatever you choose, look after it - salt-water, mud and sand are no respecter of the gunsmiths craft!

  Does this dispel the myth of the big-bore guns?
Maybe - but if you still have the urge to follow in the footsteps of the old longshore 'fowlers then I doubt you'll be swayed - there is still a romance and magic about discharging a huge 'fowling piece - especially if geese are the quarry!

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